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Numb3rs Big Bang

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A Big Bang Fan Fiction & Fan Art Festival
N u m b 3 r s B i g B a n g

In the tradition of big_bang_hd, bandombigbang, spn_j2_bigbang, and startrekbigbang , we are happy to present a big bang challenge for the Numb3rs fandom! If you are familiar with other big bang challenges, this is similar. Check out out our welcome and info post as well as our FAQ. For all of your big bang support needs, visit OMG N3 Big Bang. The 2010 schedule:

01 February - 28 February → sign-up for writers
01 February - 31 May → sign-up for artists
31 May → Complete drafts due
07 June – June 13 → Summaries (minus writer's name) go up for artists to claim a fic
14 June (or before if all claims are taken) → Artists are matched with a writer
30 June → Final fiction and art drafts are due
05 July → Posting of art and fic begins on a staggered schedule


Does your community want to affiliate with us? Comment to this post and we'll add you to our list!

Your moderators for this challenge are selu, mercilynn, and spikedluv; our collective account is n3bbmod. We can be reached at n3bbmod at gmail dot com.

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